Young Henrys Beer Barn

Straight from the thriving back streets of Newtown, the Young Henrys Beer Barn popped up at designEX 2014 to bring craft beers, ales and ciders to the people.


The design of the bar was inspired by the Young Henry brand identity and their state of the art Newtown brewery, which is surrounded by street art, creative industries and alternative culture. The black on black theme, with white branding devices and menu boards was Young Henrys down to the ground. Graphics and signage were mostly hand applied and stencil sprayed to provide a sense of authenticity to the temporary space. Props and decorations such as barrels, suspended growler bottles, table lamps and an old panel door turned menu board were borrowed from the brewery. The galley–style design with 360 degree central bar successfully articulated the Young Henry brand in a physical sense, providing visitors with a great experience of both product and brand.


The Young Henrys Beer Barn has challenged what a temporary hospitality space can be, delivering a nomadic craft beer and brand experience typically only found in the bricks and mortar of pubs, bars and breweries.