Peewee Ponies Launch

December 17, 2015 / Branding, Graphic Design, News, Product Design /

UNO are excited to announce the launch of Peewee Ponies.

Peewee Ponies are cute-as-can-be pony collectable pony figurines. Each pony began its life as a hand-sculpted clay model, and UNO’s product team worked together to reproduce the original models for mass production by 3D scanning and printing. Together with our product team, the graphic team developed the brand, collateral, promotional material and packaging.

Each pony has it’s own individualised box that also doubles as an attractive display case with removable picket fence ‘day yard’. There are currently five ponies in the product range – Charm, Dougal, Maverick, Roxie and Winston.
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Royal Adelaide Show

October 11, 2015 / Graphic Design, News, Pop up /

UNO was invited to help add extra colour and movement to the annual Royal Adelaide Show, held in September.


The graphics team worked hard to create exciting banners and directional signage between the Showbag Pavilion and Market Bazaar, as well as floor graphics and decorations. UNO were able to create a dynamic environment which was both vibrant and easy to navigate, whilst also taking away some valuable knowledge.


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Ulm School of Design RMIT

UNO Ulm School of Design exhibit at RMIT.


The UNO design team took some time out this week to view the Ulm School of Design at RMIT university. The exhibition, which opened on the 1st of August looks at Ulm design. Included in the exhibition was the Braun record player created by Dieter Rams & Hans Gugelot, 1956 (shown above with our beautiful product design team), an iconic piece in the industrial design landscape.


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2014 Reading Festival

August 4, 2014 / Graphic Design, News /

2014 Reading Festival poster


With the 2014 Reading Festival fast approaching, the office has been buzzing as staff reminisced about their favourite acts, past line-ups and personal experiences at the festival… which will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year.


But as with all designers, the topic of conversation quickly turned from nostalgic festival experiences to a friendly discussion about the festivals poster.


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The Importance Of Wine Packaging

May 29, 2014 / Branding, Graphic Design, News /

creative-wine-lablesWine packaging can take many forms – from bottles, to casks, to the more dubious ‘wine in a can’ form. However it’s still the traditional bottle and label format which is by far the most popular amongst consumers. Although it is much smaller than a cask, the visual area of a wine label needs to provide a large amount of information to the consumer, whilst also appearing attractive in-store.


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Is Brand Loyalty Really Dead?

April 6, 2014 / Branding, Graphic Design, News /

There’s an increasing view in todays marketplace that brand loyalty is no more. Those who hold this view believe that consumers are now influenced by price advantages over product quality and the security that a trusted brand name can provide. Those with this attitude also believe that services such as loyalty programs and membership benefits only serve to slow down the inevitable death of brand loyalty, arguing that, going forward, price will be ruler and loyalty to brands, a thing of the past.


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