UNO Christmas Party

December 21, 2013 / Office Life /

With joy in the air and the excitement of Christmas just around the corner, the UNO team set off for its annual Christmas party of 2013. Kicking off at around lunchtime, the buzz in the office was electric as we waited for our transport to arrive – like a group of kids salivating at the chance of opening their present on Christmas morning.



Scheduled for Friday the 13th, the day began with a weary start as our awaiting bus was ‘anonymously’ cancelled, sending a shifting tone through the stomachs of all of us here at UNO. It was resolved in a matter of seconds, with a lucky break providing us with two new cars for our journey – we were on our way – and our destination, Jimmy Grants. Nestled in on the corner of Saint David Street and Smith Street, Fitzroy. Jimmy Grants is a modern interpretation of an Athenian souvlaki bar, without the flashing fluorescent lights, oily surprises and late night stomach aches. Taking its name from the Australian rhyming slang for immigrants, Jimmy Grants pays homage to this historic passage to Australia. The Patris, a souvlaki (or souva) is named after the migrant ship that carried assisted migrants from Europe to Australia. Their destination, Bonegilla Migrant Camp, remembered at Jimmy Grants as an eponymous combo chicken and lamb souva, this is understood to be a reflective nod to the merging of Australian and Greek cultures.


The historical and cultural references continue through the décor (it would be wrong of us as a design agency not to mention it), with splashes of Greek blue popping against the whitewashed brick walls, framing the horizontal stripe and white cross of the Greek national flag, while two wall features by street artist Dan Wenn capture a DC-3 aircraft and The Patris.


Overall another successful Christmas party with all the spoils. Great food, great friends and most importantly great fun… Bring on Christmas!


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