Christmas Lunch – Le Bon Ton

December 18, 2015 / News, Office Life /

This year the UNO Christmas Lunch was held at Le Bon Ton, a New Orleans-inspired oyster saloon, smokehouse, cocktail bar and absinthe denLe Bon Ton is located in a huge building on the site of the old Glasshouse Hotel, with a fascinating interior consisting of exposed brick walls, chandeliers, candles, reproduction Renaissance art and recycled timber furniture.


After a morning of avoiding snacking, the team headed up to Gipps St, Collingwood to eat (and drink) our way through the afternoon.


We began the feast with a range of sides – chilli cheese fries, onion rings, chicken ribs and black bean hummus, along with some beers and wine. From this it descended into two giant platters of smoked meats – brisket, pork, sausage and chicken. With more accompanying beers. It was a huge amount of food, but dessert was still on the cards. Those that still had room in their stomachs finished off the lunch with pie and cheesecake, before we all piled back into cars and slowly rolled back to the office to drink a coffee and finish off the day.


It was a very successful Christmas lunch, with great company, conversation and most of all, great food.