Christmas Lunch KONG

December 18, 2014 / News, Office Life /

UNO HQ has been buzzing this week in anticipation of the traditional UNO Christmas party. Eagerly awaiting the 18th, team members had been preparing their minds… and stomachs, for the feast ahead. Scheduled to kick off at noon, the team was ready to enjoy the spoils of KONG – a Korean and Japanese fusion restaurant located on the lower end of Church Street, towards the Chapel st end of Richmond. Created by Chris Lucas, the founder of such Melbourne iconic restaurants as Chin Chins and Baby Pizza, KONG has certainly created a buzz in the Melbourne community since its introduction in May 2014, and the UNO team was excited to check it out.




Just a short trip from the UNO office, the team set out by foot and after just a 5 minute walk (which must have felt like hours for the members who had decided to preserve their stomachs for the event), arrived at KONG. Upon entering, we couldn’t help but be taken aback by the  brand and interior layout, a careful balance which is a reflection of the ever growing Melbourne subcultures, formulating over the past 5 years. This fine balance between quality food, amazing interiors that are raw enough to make you feel like you’re in a Melbourne underground bar, yet playful enough to make you appreciate its beauty. Tied in with a branding that simply… works… but I digress… back to the food…






The team begun their assault with a series of starts which included both pork and chicken roti rolls, soft shell crab, pork and tofu buns along with a few beers to get their appetites going. They quickly moved into the mains with ribs, wings, pork and chicken noodle dishes, rice dishes… there certainly was a lot of food, all amazing.


IMG_5230 IMG_5903 IMG_5907 IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5915

IMG_5237 IMG_5920


The day was capped off with coffees all round before concluding back at the office to tie up some loose ends before the day was out. Overall another successful Christmas lunch with all the spoils. Great food, great friends and most importantly great fun… bring on Christmas!


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