Peewee Ponies Launch

December 17, 2015 / Branding, Graphic Design, News, Product Design /

UNO are excited to announce the launch of Peewee Ponies.

Peewee Ponies are cute-as-can-be pony collectable pony figurines. Each pony began its life as a hand-sculpted clay model, and UNO’s product team worked together to reproduce the original models for mass production by 3D scanning and printing. Together with our product team, the graphic team developed the brand, collateral, promotional material and packaging.

Each pony has it’s own individualised box that also doubles as an attractive display case with removable picket fence ‘day yard’. There are currently five ponies in the product range – Charm, Dougal, Maverick, Roxie and Winston.
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Ulm School of Design RMIT

UNO Ulm School of Design exhibit at RMIT.


The UNO design team took some time out this week to view the Ulm School of Design at RMIT university. The exhibition, which opened on the 1st of August looks at Ulm design. Included in the exhibition was the Braun record player created by Dieter Rams & Hans Gugelot, 1956 (shown above with our beautiful product design team), an iconic piece in the industrial design landscape.


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February 17, 2014 / News, Product Design /

We give praise this week to UNO’s very own Jack Martinich, who’s Mobi Chair – a combination of the classic wheelchair and electric scooter – appeared in an article done by CNN this week ‘Folding vehicle products and concepts’, identifying the evolution of innovative design in the industrial landscape and the trending concept of compactability, moving forward. The article looks at the redesigns of 9 classic products ranging from foldable kayaks to bikes, wheelchairs to scooters, with Jacks Mobi Chair – a modern take on the old classics – designed with practicality and functionality in mind.


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January 21, 2014 / News, Product Design /
Pakman Parcel Delivery Box

The much anticipated Pakman parcel home delivery system is ready to hit the stores this week, just in time for the ever busy Christmas rush. With online shopping records set to explode this holiday season it seems like the perfect time for Pakman’s launch into the market. Designed as a simple solution to the ever growing issue that surrounds parcel delivery, Pakman is an affordable, innovative and secure alternative for those sick and tired of missing their parcel deliveries at home. Designed with convenience in mind, Pakman provides a safer alternative for the 11 million Australians who make online purchases each year – providing a more convenient parcel delivery system that removes the frustration of conventional parcel delivery.


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